August 14, 2022

LST | via PR Newswire | is in the top 10 OTA apps for H1 2022 | SINGAPORE — The success seen in download numbers is guided by’s app-first strategy. By applying a balanced mix of approaches learned through experimentation and best practices, app installs from marketing channels grew steadily to a total of 6.2 million downloads. In H1 2022, app downloads saw double-digit growth compared to H2 2021, reflecting the success of this strategy and increased consumer desire for travel.

Through full utilization of the trustworthy products and attractive deals presented on, new downloads were gained across a variety of app marketing channels. In tandem, a web-to-app strategy also showed great potential in constantly attracting new app users.’s approach of putting app downloads first is the driving force behind the company’s recent success. Installs of the app obtained through various marketing channels increased steadily to a total of 6.2 million downloads. This was accomplished by employing a balanced mix of strategies gained through trial and best practices. As a result of the success of this strategy and the growing interest among consumers to go on vacations, the number of people who downloaded the app climbed by a factor of two during the first half of 2022.

New downloads were acquired via a range of app marketing channels by making optimal use of the reliable products and enticing discounts that were displayed on Concurrently, a web-to-app strategy also showed enormous promise in continually drawing new app users. This was demonstrated by the fact that it.

Feng Han, Marketing Director at, said“This year, we have experienced an energized, organic recovery of the travel industry. Leveraging this trend, our teams have adopted a targeted and data-oriented approach in each market to encourage users to download the app. We are delighted to see our young brand reach the top 10 most downloaded OTA apps globally for the first time ever. We will continue to work to share the convenience and top-class services available on with an ever-growing audience.”

On top of the platform’s extensive range of products, the app gives users more unique and comprehensive browsing and booking experience. Currently available in 24 languages in 39 countries and regions worldwide, the app gives users easier booking management capabilities, direct access to reliable customer support, and exclusive app-only deals.’s breakthrough in Apptopia’s global app download rankings correlates to increased traveler demand as the industry continues to recover following the outbreak of covid. This year,’s European sites saw average monthly growth in traffic of around 10% between April and July. In Asia, countries, and regions that have relaxed their travel restrictions have seen an impressive market performance, particularly those in Southeast Asia. Overall in the APAC region, bookings on increased by 21% in May and by a further 7.8% in June.

As demand increases, users turn to platforms with a comprehensive scope of services that goes beyond a sole product offering. In turn, has looked to grow the engaging travel content hosted on the platform. In the first quarter of this year, daily average content traffic on increased by 80% YoY, whilst the content engagement rate on grew by 115% YoY.

A key benefit to using the app is the ease with which users can access’s best-in-class customer support.’s global customer support is available in 19 languages and delivered by a dedicated international customer support team. In the first half of 2022, over 95% of calls made to Group customer service were picked up within 20 seconds, 99% of chats were responded to within 20 seconds and 92% of incidents were dealt with in a timely manner. In addition to this, of all incoming enquires, 88% of incidents were resolved on the first attempt. App users can book and travel reassured in the knowledge that customer support is only a click on their phone away.

In addition to the vast selection of items offered by the platform, the app provides customers with a browsing and booking experience that is more individualized and all-encompassing. The app, which is currently available in 24 languages in 39 countries and regions around the world, provides users with capabilities for faster booking management, direct access to dependable customer service, and exclusive promotions that are app-only.

A correlation exists between growing traveler demand and’s breakthrough in the global app download rankings maintained by Apptopia. This recovery of the travel sector continues in spite of the breakout of covid. Between April and July of this year, the European sites of showed an increase in traffic that averaged roughly 10 percent higher than the previous month. In Asia, governments and areas that have eased their limits on travel have enjoyed exceptional market success, notably those in Southeast Asia. This is especially true for the countries and regions in Southeast Asia. saw an increase in overall reservations made in the APAC region of 21 percent in the month of May and an additional 7.8 percent in the month of June.

Users are gravitating toward platforms that provide a broad range of services rather than just a single product offering as the need for those platforms rises. As a result, has been working to expand the amount of interesting travel material that is hosted on the platform. Daily average content traffic on surged by 80 percent year over year over the first three months of this year, while the content engagement rate on increased by 115 percent year over year during the same time period.

The convenience with which users can contact’s industry-leading customer service team is one of the most significant advantages of utilizing the app.’s global customer service is accessible in 19 different languages and is provided by a support team that is only committed to providing support in international languages. Over the first half of 2022, customer service representatives at Group answered over 95 percent of calls made to them within 20 seconds, reacted to 99 percent of conversations within 20 seconds, and handled 92 percent of incidents in a timely manner. In addition to this, 88 percent of all occurrences were solved on the very first try, out of the total number of inquiries that were received. Users of the app can make reservations and travel plans with peace of mind knowing customer service is just a tap or click away on their mobile devices.